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Our Approach

Food that you can count on to be safe. That's our goal. We're not interested in mass produced greens that may be genetically modified. We don't want "Roundup Ready" crops. And we simply refuse to put profit margins ahead of what's important to you. Microgreens that are nutritional, tasty, and worry free.





It's a fact that the farther food has to travel, and the longer it takes from farm to plate, the nutritional value drops. You don't want greens that come from the other side of the planet, they're not good you, your family, or the environment.




Our Story

From our humble beginnings in 2013 we've sought to become the microgreens grower of choice for Ottawa families. A local business with strong ties to the community, Microgreens Ottawa continues to develop and implement sustainable, hydroponic urban farming within the Ottawa Greenbelt.

Meet Jace

Jace Baart

While researching business opportunities in 2013, Jace came across a video describing the 100 Mile Diet and urban agriculture. as well as the corresponding  movement towards eating foods that are locally produced. Something about the story really hit home. As the saying goes, "something clicked". While trying to ascertain if this was possible in a city like Ottawa, Jace "discovered" the emerging trend of microgreens. His passion for gardening and his desire to start a new business led him to found Microgreens Ottawa. And as he likes to say, "It's been growing ever since!"