Weekly Orders

Whether you like that added touch for special meals, desire fresh Wheatgrass or Sunflowers for daily juicing, or simply love a nutritious salad, we have the solution.


Custom Orders

For that special get together, fancy shindig, or office party; when it needs to be right, and on time. We're there!


Commercial Services

Juice Bars, Restaurants, and Fresh Produce Stores. Our Bio-secure, Hydroponic Facility ensures safe, healthy greens, when you need them,  with a no hassle guarantee.


It's time to trust your food.

Our indoor, bio-secure facility ensures clean, healthy microgreens. We've taken organic to a new level. It's called PURE. There's only 4 ingredients: Hydroponic substrate, Seeds, Water, and Light. Every time, All the time.

It's not just a slogan

We truly believe that our produce is unmatched. Take a close look, compare our microgreens with anything else available. You won't find our products in Toronto, Montreal, or Winnipeg. Don't get us wrong, they're great places, we just don't think greens this good should travel on a truck.

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Taste the difference....

Remember back when food used to taste good? We do too, and that's why we won't settle for second best. Find out why people are talking about Microgreens Ottawa. Call us today. We're busy, but we actually answer our phones.