Weekly Orders

Whether you like that added touch for special meals, desire fresh Wheatgrass or Sunflowers for daily juicing, or simply love a nutritious salad, we have the solution.


Custom Orders

For that special get together, fancy shindig, or office party; when it needs to be right, and on time. We're there!


Commercial Services

Juice bars, restaurants, hotels and retirement homes. Embassies, museums, commercial catering companies and event facilities. Microgreens Ottawa is large enough to ensure your special event or regular orders are safe, healthy and ready when you need them, with a no hassle guarantee. We also offer no charge delivery for commercial clients with a $25 minimum purchase.


It's time to trust your food.

Our indoor, controlled environment facility ensures healthy, nutritious microgreens year round. Our growing processes aren't designed for maximum profit, they're designed to make the best microgreens possible. It takes more work, but the results speak for themselves.

It's not just a slogan

We truly believe that our produce is unmatched. Take a close look, and then have a taste, compare our microgreens with anything else available. There's no substitute for quality, and you deserve it.

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Taste the difference....

Remember back when food used to taste good? We do too, and that's why we won't settle for second best. Find out why people are talking about Microgreens Ottawa. Visit the shop, ask to try a taste, because there's nothing we like better than to win you over the old fashioned way. Taste, nutrition, and quality.

Food you can trust to be safe, and here's how we know it's true:The provincial Government makes random visits to test our microgreens for pathogens, and we've never failed a test.